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Xeloda is used with other cancer medicines, including a platinum-containing cancer medicine such as cisplatin; locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer breast cancer that has begun to spread to other parts of the body .

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Take the missed dose as soon as you remember. Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not take extra medicine to make up the missed dose.

Do not leave it in the car or on window sills. Cheap xeloda patient and dampness can destroy some medicines.

Adverse effects EKG changes.acute myocardial infarction.angina.hand-foot syndrome.pain.paraesthesia.erythema.palmoplantar blistering.diarrhoea.nausea.stomatitis.pancytopaenia.hyperbilirubinaemia.

During a treatment cycle for those toxicities considered by the treating physician not to cheap xeloda patient related to capecitabine.capecitabine should be continued and the dose of the other medicinal product should be adjusted according to the appropriate Prescribing Information.

The chemical name for capecitabine is 5′-deoxy-5-fluoro-N-[(pentyloxy) carbonyl]-cheap xeloda patient and has a molecular weight of 359.35. Capecitabine has the following structural formula.

Surgery and radiation therapy for breast cancer are classified as local treatments since they are focused on treating the cancer without harming the rest of the body.while systemic treatments.like chemotherapy.hormone therapy.targeted therapy.and bone-directed therapy.are focused on the use of drugs to reach and destroy cancer cells in the body.

It is administered orally in the form of tablets.which are usually taken twice a day with plenty of water. The dosage is defined according the characteristics of both tumor and patient.but the treatment usually consist of several cycles. After being ingested.the cheap xeloda patient transforms capecitabine tablets into the common chemotherapy drug fluorouracil.

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